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Changing A PowerShell Window Name

less than 1 minute read

So I have been finding myself having two different user context PowerShell windows open but keeping track of which one is which is a pain. Found an easy one ...

Removing User Profiles via Powershell

less than 1 minute read

So I wanted a way to remove userprofiles with a bit more consistency than through the control panel. For a one liner just change $user varible for “*[usersFo...

Ping Subnet

less than 1 minute read

Been a few days so dug into my useful scripts. Wrote this one when a member of staff gave a device a static IP address and forgot what IP they gave it. It co...

Deploying TeamViewer Quick Support

2 minute read

I ran into an issue with TeamViewer quick support (QS) being deployed over our network. We were trying to find a way of deploying QS differently if a user wa...

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Migrating from Wordpress to Ghost

3 minute read

I had some fun moving a few articles from my old WordPress blog to my new one, it would have been quicker to copy and paste, but I shall not be defeated! Edi...

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LanSweeper torrent client report

1 minute read

This might not be the cleanest way for doing it but got the job done. The aim was to create a quick report to enable us to find Torrent applications on Clien...

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