I am a lead system administrator for a global company; this site is somewhere to put some of my useful/random musings. I have an interest in PowerShell, automation and streamlining processes. Also, I just starting to get a feel for fitness, so don’t be surprised if I stray out of ICT posts.

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My Certifications

AgilePM Practitioner AgilePM Practitioner - Agile Project Management

Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist - Focusing on how to increase user adoption on new platforms

My Gear


Microphone - Blue Snowball Fantastic microphone for conference calls which I have attached to a Microphone Suspension arm on my desk.

Webcam - Logitech C920 HD - Bought this in 2013 still better than any laptop webcam on the market, at a better angle for video calls. If you do any length of working from home, I would highly recommend it.

Headphones - Bose QuietComfort 35 - Again these were an investment piece but the best headphones I have ever used

Headphones - Jabra Elite 75t - I do a fair bit of running or walking the dog where I don’t want my Bose ones getting wet. These are perfect, can stay in my ears when skipping/running. Lost one on a rainy night (used the wrong tips) in a field came back the next day it was raining all night they were still working.

Keyboard - Filco Majestouch 2 - Brown switches - Couldn’t find the ISO version on Amazon but you can shop around. Great keyboard, Bluetooth for four devices plus USB.

Mouse - MX Master - One of the best mice I have ever used. Don’t see a time I won’t be using an MX Master mouse. Laptop - Dell XPS13

Samsung 34” Curved UltraWide LED Monitor - Little bit of an investment but once I started using it, I was in love. Ultrawide’s are a game-changer. I have it mounted on this Monitor Arm

My desk is a Ikea hack Karlby worktop on top of two Alex draws using metal table feet. Below are some pictures before I put the screen on monitor arm.


AeroPress - Use this every morning, take it on work trips holidays camping.

Aergrind - My grinder it slides in my Aeropress for a nice compact travel or small kitchen setup.

Nespresso Pixie - Amazon/Nespresso site - I have seen this machine be used 30 times a day and didn’t break. Mine gets a little lighter use of about one. Great when I don’t feel like waiting to make a coffee.


Monkii Bars 2 - I might write a blog post about this, getting these was the start of my four stone weight lost. Think portable gym rings that you can put on the back of door, tree or a pull up bar.

Pull Up Bar- This thing is rock solid, great to hang from but if I was to get another, I would go for a single bar.

Skipping rope - This feels great in the hand not so great when your learning and it whips you in the shin, can ajust the length which is great when your 6”2.

Monkii 360 - One of my weaker tools, but I haven’t given it a good go, more roational exerises. Short explosive bursts rather than low and slow. I think it as poetntal but need to find where it fits in.

Dumbbells - My first purchase they served me well using youtube to do a few workouts, not all gear needs to cost a lot.

All the content on this site are my own and doesn’t reflect past, current or future employers.